About Us

The Friends of Hanauma Bay (FOHB) is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine environments, emphasizing stewardship of the natural resources of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

We seek to:

  • Foster conservation efforts related to coastal and marine environments
  • Serve as an informed advocate for the Bay
  • Support the Hanauma Bay Education Program in their mission at the Bay
  • Recognize and support the work of the Nature Preserve management and staff
  • Encourage and support the advancement of marine-related research
  • Promote the creation and expansion of other marine protected areas

We strive to instill an appreciation of Hanauma Bay and a desire to care for it in all who visit and enjoy its splendor. We believe that achieving these goals at Hanauma Bay will have a larger impact that will extend to all of Hawaii’s coastlines and reef ecosystems.

Beach Clean-ups: On a quarterly basis, FOHB sponsors a community cleanup of the Nature Preserve. Removing this waste prevents it from being deposited in Hanauma Bay by storm run-off and subsequently impacting the coral reef ecosystem of the Bay.

Monitoring: Many of our members are avid snorkelers and provide informal monitoring of the reef and its inhabitants through regular, often daily, snorkeling visits.

Research Support: By awarding small grants, we support scientific research related to Hawaii’s coral reef ecosystems and marine protected areas.

Outreach: FOHB participates in outreach activities at community events. At these events, we promote conservation and sustainable management of Hawaii’s reefs.

Incentives for Hawaii students: FOHB participates in the annual Hawaii Science & Engineering Fair by awarding a cash prize to the best marine related research project. Through science fair awards, FOHB hopes to encourage young scientists to study coral reef ecosystems.

Advocacy: FOHB members have proven to be effective environmental advocates in government, neighborhood boards, and public hearings. We help inform and mobilize community members to represent the best interests of Hanauma Bay and Hawaii’s near-shore resources whenever possible.

Educational Support: FOHB provides support and financial resources to the Hanauma Bay Education Program. Education program volunteers serve as ambassadors of the Bay and educate visitors about reef etiquette and stewardship. Our support helps finance volunteer recognition efforts and educational supplies.